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About the Olde English Bulldogge

Are you ready to own an OEB?

Have you done your research on the breed? Do you have the time or patience? Here are some of the things you can look forward to when bringing home an OEB. This breed is very powerful, strong, and intelligent. They can also be very protective and driven. They require owners that are mentally powerful, confident, and strong. If they are not well trained and given boundaries, they will run your house. Puppies are very time-consuming with training, potty training, and exercise. You will also need to have a lot of patience to deal with chewing, biting, teething, and high energy levels. Jobs that this breed can do to help burn off that energy are hiking, walking, hunting, protection/bite work (PSA), weight pulling, and they make great guard dogs. Last but not least, getting a dog is a commitment for the entire life of the dog.

The Breed Standard

Temperament Qualities: Outgoing, driven, loyal, and courageous.

Physical Qualities: Athletic, muscular, healthy, and square frame.

Size: 20 inches at the withers

Head: Squarehead with round muscular cheeks with a flat forehead. Also a slightly undershot jaw and open nares. The size of the head is determined by the square created between both legs, chest, and ground, and should fit neatly inside the square.

Neck: Well arched, short-medium length, thick and strong.

Front End: Should create a square and be 16 inches wide with shoulders with great muscular definition.

Back End: Higher and slightly less wide than the front end. The hocks should consist of a slight bend and pointing straight back.

Coat: smooth, shiny, and tight

Colors: Black, White, Brown, Red, and Brindle

Movement: Agile and light on its feet.

Breeding: Natural breeders and whelpers

Disqualifications: Wry jaw, overbite, breathing issues, screw tail, natural bobtail, kinked tail, splayed toes, cow hocked, long coat, tri-color, blue, or merle colors.

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